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Contact us for special pricing if your hockey association is considering to either recommend or mandate the wearing of cut-resistant products.

Hogan Hockey, "the best kept secret in the cut-resistant hockey market". Our ACHILLES® line of cut-resistant products was started with one goal in mind. That was to develop products for the hockey market that would help to protect anyone who plays the game from accidental skate blade cuts. Hockey is a fast paced game that involves risks which may sometimes include skate blade lacerations to the exposed Achilles tendon, wrist, calf, thigh and ham string. We developed and designed our products with these unprotected areas in mind. The end result is that all of our products have the specific benefit of safety as well as comfort.

We hear about all the high profile players getting cut (recently Erik Karlsson/Claude Giroux)....but what about the cuts we don't hear about at the grass roots level. Our ACHILLES® cut-resistant line of products will help to prevent and reduce the risk of these types of injuries before they happen. We have players of all ages and skill levels from youth to Pro wearing our products. Our products have already saved numerous players from being seriously cut. Be proactive and not reactive.  

Play Smart....protect yourself from CUTS!!

All Hogan Hockey ACHILLES® products are cut-resistant and not cut-proof. They are intended to be worn for hockey only. Read the safety warnings accompanied with all products before using.

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